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Carefully curated from wires, knobs, gears, fabric and other reclaimed objects; Todd Sloane envisions

a future, altered from a bygone era. The subject of Sloane’s work delves into the subconscious, with

the push-pull narrative created between vintage and futuristic themes.
The pieces create a paradox. The viewer-object relationship encourages familiarity and
nostalgia re-purposed to create an unfamiliar form. The conflicting ideas put the
spectator in the middle, as the merger between past and future.
However the real skill and artistry lies in not only in creating these concepts from metal,
leather or glass; but the resurrection of vintage objects to form individual personalities.
A single component, rich with history, can influence an entire sculpture for Sloane. It is
important that the materials remain authentic to the work, having been built before the
1970s. The pieces are also assembled with hand-sewn garments, reconstructed found objects,
and various vintage textiles. The opposing soft and rigid materials create a
visual balance within the sculptures.
With no shortage of antique shops, scrap yards and estate sales to scavenge, it is evident
that Todd’s collection will only continue to grow, as he breathes life into his series titled
“The Salvaged Ones”.

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