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1975      Student's Union Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

1976      Student's Union Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

1978      Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1979      "Recent Paintings", Gallery One, Toronto, ON

1980      "Recent Paintings", Gallery Moos, Calgary, AB

1981      "New Works", Gallery One, Toronto, ON

1982      "New Paintings", Gallery Moos, Calgary, AB

1985      "Recent Works", Gallery Moos, Calgary, AB

1986      "Painting of the 80's", Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1987      "New Works", Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, AB

              "Robert Scott's Paintings", Gallery Moos, Toronto, ON                                      

              "Robert Scott's Paintings", Gallery Moos, New York, NY

1988      "Large Painting", Galerie Elca, London, Montreal, PQ

1989      "Robert Scott's Paintings", Woltjen/Udell Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1990      Gallery Moos, Toronto, ON

1992      Woltjen/Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1993      Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, AB  (March 27 - April 17)

              Robert Scott 1988-1993: Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton,AB                          

              New Work: Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1994      New Work: Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1988-93 Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor Ontario, (organized by the Edmonton Art Gallery) 

1988-93 The Nicoll Art Gallery, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB  (organized by the Edmonton Art Gallery)

1995      Robert Scott 1988-1993, Swift Current National Exhibition Center, Swift Current, SK 

1996      Robert Scott, New Paintings, Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB             


G R O U P   E X H I B I T I O N S


1969      "Ninth Annual Calgary Graphic Exhibition":  (juried exhibition) Alberta College of Art Gallery,             Edmonton, AB

1973      "Alberta '73": (juried exhibition) Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1974      "Master of Visual Arts Group Show":  University Art Gallery and Museum, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

1976      "The New Artists":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1977      "New Abstract Art":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

              "What's New Exhibition", Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

              "Acrylic on Canvas":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB


1978      "Certain Traditions": 1978 Commonwealth Games Collaboration - England and Canada, Canada, 

               England, Scotland, and Wales.

              "Beaver House":  A culture development circulating exhibition, Province of Alberta

              "University of Alberta Staff Exhibition":  Student Union Art Gallery, University of Alberta

1979      "Recent Accession":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1980      "Alberta Now":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

              "A Glimpse of the Present":  circulating exhibition,

               Cultural Development Branch, Province of Alberta

              "Martin Gerard Gallery Opening":  Edmonton, AB

              "Alberta Art":  Shell Canada, Calgary, AB

              "Recent Acquisitions":  Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB

1981      "Modernist Paintings and Sculpture":  Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB

              "Martin Gerard Gallery":  Gallery Artists, Edmonton, AB          

              "Abstract and Narrations":  Recent Tendencies in Canadian Painting, Shell Canada, Calgary, AB

              "Contemporary Art from the Permanent Collection": Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB

1982      "Recent Acquisitions":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

              "Triangle Workshop Exhibition":  Pine Plains, NY

              "Westburn Collection": touring exhibition,  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1983      "My Favourite Picture":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1985      "A Measure of Success":  Alberta College of Art, Calgary, AB

1986      "Abstract Painting in Edmonton": Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

              "Recent Accessions":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

              "International Contemporary Art Fair": Los Angeles, CA

              "Walter Moos":  opening of the Robert Moos Gallery, New York, NY

1987      "Continued Celebrations":  Fine Arts Building Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

              "Casa de Caratat":  Barcelona, Spain

              "Aspects of Contemporary Painting in Alberta": Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB

1988      "Survey Alberta '88":  Olympic Arts Festival, Calgary, AB

              "Contemporary '88 Calgary":  Olympic Arts Festival, Calgary, AB

1989      "Edmonton '89":  Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1990      Calgary Centre for Performing Arts:  Jack Singer Concert Hall Lobby, tour of permanent collection

              "Triangle Workshop Exhibition":  Pine Plains, NY

              "Thurpelo Workshop Exhibition":  F.U.B.A. Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

1992      "Mashomac Workshop": Pine Plains, NY

1993      "Contemporary Artists Society" City Center, Edmonton, AB

1993      "Abstraction: What's Next" Canada Trust Tower, Calgary, AB. Curated by Jeff Spalding,

                University of Lethbridge

1994      "Contemporary Canadian Association: A Selection" Kenderdine Gallery,

               University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

              "Hidden Values - Corporations Collect": The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1994       Edmonton Contemporary Artists Society, Edmonton, AB

94-95      "The Norsen Collection": The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1995       "New Aquisitions".  The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

1995       Edmonton Contemporary Artists Society, Edmonton, AB



Alcan Chemicals and Smelters, Montreal, PQ

TheAlberta Foundation for the Arts, Edmonton, AB

Bank of Montreal, Edmonton, AB

Budget Rent-A-Car, Vancouver, B.C.

Burroughs Business Machines, Toronto, ON

Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, ON

The Catalunya Institute of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain

Cineplex Odeon

Comino Foundation

Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

Glenbow Art Gallery, Calgary, AB

Guaranty Trust, Calgary, AB

Gulf Canada, Calgary, AB

High City Holdings, Toronto, ON

Leopold Property Consultants, Montreal, PQ

Museum of Art Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Richer, Usher, Vineberg, Montreal, PQ

Sharecom Collection, Calgary, AB

Shell Canada, Calgary, AB

Toronto Dominion Bank, Calgary, AB

Triangle Artists Workshop, New York, NY

United Westburne Industries, Montreal, PQ

United Westburne Industries, Vancouver, B.C.

University of Alberta Archives, Edmonton, AB

University of Athabasca, Athabasca, AB

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB

Visual Arts Branch, Province of Alberta, Edmonton, AB





1969                     Diploma of Applied Arts, Alberta College of Arts

1976                     Master of Visual Arts, University of Alberta




1975 - 1976           Teaching Assistant, University of Alberta, Department of Art & Design


1982                      Sessional Lecturer, University of Alberta, Department of Art & Design.


1991                      University of Alberta, Department of Art and Design, Summer Term (painting)




1973                     Michael Steiner Workshop, Edmonton Art Gallery


1982                     Triangle Artist's Workshop, Pine Plains, NY, Inaugural year


                             Participated in A Collaborations in Clay, The Works, Edmonton, AB

                             (Invitational workshop for Alberta Artists)

1987                     Guest of the city of Barcelona: Triangle Artist's Workshop, Barcelona, Spain

                             (Invitational workshop for international artists)


1990                     Guest of the Triangle Artists Workshop, Pine Plains, NY


1990                     Workshop Leader, Thurpelo Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa,

                             (Invitational workshop that included artists from many African Countries,

                             most of the artists were underprivileged).


1991                     Mashomack Workshop, Pine Plains, NY (International, invitational).   





1994                     Hardingham Sculpture Workshop, International Artists' Residency Program

                             Grescham Farm, Hardingham, Norwich, Norfolk, England, NR9 4EP


1994                     La Rectoria St. Pedro de Villamajor Valles, Oriental, Barcelona, Catalunya, España




1967                     Visual Arts Scholarship, Visual Arts Branch, Government of Alberta

1974                     Visual Arts Scholarship, Visual Arts Branch, Government of Alberta

1981                     The Canada Council - Grant

1980                     The Canada Council - Travel Grant

1982                     Alberta Culture - Project Grant, Visual Arts Branch, Government of Alberta

1982                     The Edmonton Art Gallery , Edmonton, AB - Travel Grant  

1984                     Alberta Culture - Project Grant, Visual Arts Branch, Government of Alberta

1987                     Alberta Culture - Project Grant, Visual Arts Branch, Government of Alberta

1987                     Canadian Consulate General, New York, NY - Grant

1987                     City of Barcelona - Travel Grant to attend Triangle workshop in Barcelona, Spain

1987                     Cineplex Odeon - Commission of two murals for Cineplex Odeon Whitemud Crossing

1988                     Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Visual Arts Project Grant

1990                     Federated Union of Black Artists, Johannesburg, South Africa - Travel Grant

1992                     Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Visual Arts Project Grant

1992                     Alberta Foundation for the Arts -Travel Grant

1994                     Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Visual Arts Project Grant




During the 1985-86 Ethiopia famine, Robert Scott spearheaded and organized an urgent fundraising campaign with a group of  accomplished  Albertan artists to support a massive relief effort in East Africa. Over sixty artists donated a piece of their work to this campaign that raised, with the matching grant from the provincial and federal government, over $ 250,000.00 for our selected executing partner. The partner, an experienced Canadian Non-Governmental Agency, delivered a program that addressed both the immediate relief needs and long-term prevention and development needs. Today, the beneficiaries of this program have gained significant degree of recovery and self-sufficiency. Equally important, this campaign and the artists efforts have increased the Canadian public awareness of the  interdependent world that we live in, and the root causes of the African famine that are largely man made.

In 1987, Robert Scott was invited by the city of Barcelona to attend a Triangle Workshop of International and Spanish artists.  The purpose of the workshop was to stimulate visual art activity in the area. It was in reaction to the repressive legacy of the Franco administration of Spain. The workshop was successful in that many young artists were encouraged.  New galleries began to open and Catalonia artists were able to again hang their work in both public and commercial galleries.


In 1990, Scott was invited by the Thupelo Art Project and the Federation Union of Black Artists to lead a workshop at the Alpha Training Centre: Broederstroom, South Africa. This was a multi-racial workshop of international artists.  Workshops in South Africa play a key role in education for Black artists due to the lack of multi-racial art schools.







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