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Carol and Richard Selfridge work together on all aspects of their practice. This is an unusual artistic arrangement and one might wonder how they survive constant personal and creative proximity. Yet, this partnership approach seems to have made their output even more prodigious.  Their work has been included in 250+ exhibitions around the world. Pieces have been widely acquired by public and institutional art collections, including some of the world's most prestigious ceramics museums. Their CV includes long lists of awards, media coverage, conference appearances, high-level workshops, education and networking projects, etc. For instance, they spent a month is  Goshogawara, Japan invited to an international festival intended to reinvigorate indigenous wood fire pottery in northern Japan.

The Selfridges and their work have been featured in a wide range of media; in craft arts publications such as the American Ceramics Monthly, Canadian Contact Magazine; in popular publications such as Studio Karvonen Films/Bravo documentary Clay in Hand. 

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