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Mark Henderson (Hende)  


A multidisciplinary visual artist with a studio in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Mark Henderson's passion for art lies in abstract painting, printmaking and photography. Drawing inspiration from the hard edge lines of architecture, industrial design and from our interactions with the city scape around us, along with a view of the natural world through the lens of his camera.


Explorations in color, paint application and macro photography bring high energy to Henderson's painting, photography and multi media works on acrylic, lexan, aluminum, or canvas grounds.


Influenced by a range of both historical and contemporary abstract painters Mark explores architecture in his artwork by taking source photographs of old structures, buildings under construction and recently built towers.  He deconstructs his collected images and reassemble them in an abstract form by painting in verso onto lexan using acrylic paint and mixed media. It is then mounted on aluminum dibond and viewed through the recto side of the lexan giving it a flattened look. The final image may also include some collage forms and the use of industrial material.

With the finished abstracted paintings reassembled Henderson has created a new memory and a different sense of place; one that is still grounded by the original form. The history of some of the architecture is also researched and it is also through that research that new memories of architecture are created.  The use of industrial material and collage gives depth to the work and acts as a bond between the new memory and place it represents. In essence, an abstracted architectural memory.

Photography is a constant presence in Hende's work; it plays a key role in both abstract painting and printmaking. Drawn to color, and capturing the light and colors reflected through glass, and man made objects is where his inspiration comes from for his abstracted macro photographs.

Visualizing things differently draws his macro lens in, which nabs an abstracted view of the world of reflected color and light. Once captured, the images are somewhat digitally rendered enhancing the abstracted view of the macro snapshot.

The final image of exceptional color and vitality may be far removed from the original photograph, but it is formed within the objects that were used as the original inspiration.  

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