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  • Coke Cola Canada; exculsive artist, hand-painted sign/painting 12'x5'  100 yrs. of the bottle.

  • World Heavy Oil Congress; painting 72''x50'' created images used as graphics/cards for gala event,

         artcards for mayors office. The original painting resides in Edmonton World Trade Centre

  • World Heavy Oil Congress: 2 paintings 8'x8' used as decor, one resides in Edmonton City Hall,

           other separated into 4 gifting art pieces.

  • Carribbean Homes; exculsive artist to showhomes.

  •  Canada 150 tribute "Pocket Change" 32"x60" Canadian coin painting, requested and granted

           permission / acknowledgment by Royal Canadian Mint.

  • Canada 150 tribute "Canada$150"32"x60", "Birthday Money 32"x60" Canadian currency, requested and

           granted permission / acknowledgement by Bank of Canada and Canadian Bank Note Company.





  • Strathearn Art Walk, Sept. 2017

  • Spruce Grove Art Walk, Aug. 2017                         

  • Leduc Art Walk, July 2017

  • Wabamun Art Walk, June 2017

  • Night of Artists, Mar. 2017

  • Pop-Up Art Market, Dec. 2016

  • Remedy Cafe, Sept. 2016

  • RAW; Natural Born Artists, Oct. 2016 

  • Strathearn Art Walk, Sept. 2016

  • Stony Plain Art Walk, July 2016

  • Rooted- Devonian Gardens, July 2016

  • Night of Artists, Mar. 2016

  • Make It, Nov. 2015





VASA GALLERY, St. Albert. Alberta

Glorious and Free; A Celebration of Canada

June 27-July 29, 2017

Group Show



"ART from the Heart"

 Joriginals Annual Charity Fundraiser;


Fort MacMurray/ Red Cross 2016

Onoway/ Mother fundraiser   2015



Summary of Noted Career Accomplishments


  • Universaide Games 1983; Decoration committee, opening ceremony

  •  IKEA Canada; worldwide new store build-up team, Handwriter designer worldwide.

  •  Imagination Market; Non-profit  Arts and Recycling Association. Manager, Board Member

  •  3D- Display, Design, Decor; owner, creator of Special Events prop/design business

  •  Juno's  stage/room decor,  2004, 2006, 2008                

  •  Great Kids Awards , 2003-2009                      

  •  Olympic Committee/ Seville Spain presenation creator                                                     

  •  Jasper Park Lodge Millenium Events Designer 2000

  •  World Heavy Oil Congress, 4 yrs

  •  World Petroleum Congress, 6 yrs

  •  AUMA, Alberta Tourism, Telus, ATB,  hundreds of notable corporate events in Canada.

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