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 With a background in display/prop design, Jori Warren is a self-taught visual

artist that is developing a diverse, contemporary realism style to her paintings.

"WOW" is often heard when describing her impact pieces that spring to life with

scale, color and light. Jori's artwork is an illumination of the everyday object.


At JORIGINALS ''Where Art and Innovation Meet'', she uses her artwork to bridge

a variety of options; original paintings, limited edition prints, Jr. Joriginals, and her

''Off the Wall'' Collections.


Her passion is to explore ordinary everyday objects that people know,

that they are comfortable with, and giving the viewer a new perspective.

A new appreciation of that ordinary object by magnifying it's simple brilliance.


Jori has a strong commitment to her art as a profession, and believes her

strength is to bring concepts to reality, to highlight her art in a creative way.

Aspiring to have her pieces accessible, Jori wants and needs to come

up with innovative, creative pathways to communicate her art, and honor the visual arts.


This year, her mission was to honor Canada's 150th with artworks of our currency,

our creative, unique, colorful beautiful notes of Canada, including an information

pamphlet, explaining why she choose each note, and its importance.

Wanting to open new eyes to see what we all carry in our hearts and in our wallets.

While researching her concepts, she found there is a lot more she wants to learn from this series. 

She will continue her exploration of the art of Canadian currency, and the eventual loss

of the tactile note as we move towards the digital age.

The same fate of another series she embarked on; vintage cars, as it rusts away

in a forest of weeds, she hopes to capture some, so they too are not forgotten.


"What is old, is new again; when I get to show a particular image I created

to someone who hasn't seen it in awhile, and show it in a new light,

to then have it provoke a memory, a history. 

It is in that moment, that image brings it to our present, together.”

-Jori Warren

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