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Select Solo and Group Exhibitions

2018 Udell Xhibitions, Edmonton, AB
2017 The Edge Gallery Canmore, AB
2014 Five Works, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, AB
2009 Peter Deacon “Solstice” and Ben McLeod “About Outdoor Spaces” Virginia Christopher Fine Art                      Galleries Calgary, AB
2003 Four Sculptors New Zones Gallery of Contemporary Art Calgary, AB
2000 Ben McLeod, New Zones Gallery, Calgary, AB
1994 Artist’s Circle Exhibition, Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts, Calgary, AB
1994 Artist As Collector, Civic Art Collection, Calgary, AB1991 Ben McLeod. Edmonton Art Gallery Edmonton 
1994 Selected Works for the Last Quarter Century, City of Calgary Civic Art Collection,

1991 Ben McLeod.Edmonton Art Gallery Edmonton, AB

1990 Sculpture ’90 Four Alberta Sculptors: Ken Housego, Walter May, Benjamin Mcleod, Blake Senini, The                  Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts, Calgary AB1990 Ben McLeod, Gulf Canada Gallery, Calgary, AB
1989 New Sculptures, Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, AB1988 Ben McLeod, Gallery Moos, Toronto, ON1987  McLeod/Sharman, Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, AB1986 Tice/McLeod, Canadian Art Galleries,                    Calgary, AB1985 And So You’ve Seen the Mountains, Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, AB

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